How to Get a Traffic Ticket off Your Record

Posted on November 24th, 2014

Traffic tickets can be the result of any of a number of causes, from simply being young and reckless to being intoxicated. These tickets are expensive, both in terms of fines as well as by making your insurance premiums higher. If you get enough points on your record, you may even get your driver’s license suspended. Some drivers may be able to cope with tickets on their record, but removal is essential for others. Your options for removing a traffic ticket from your record are as follows:

Simply Paying the Ticket
While this may be the easiest option, you are conceding that you broke the law and that you accept the consequences. Remember that these consequences can include higher insurance premiums for a long time.

Attending Traffic School

In many states, one of your options may be to attend traffic school as an alternative to paying the fine. You may be able to have the ticket dismissed, prevent any additional points on your driving record and thus prevent a rise in your insurance premium. Traffic school courses will cover topics such as safe driving skills along with the rules of the road. Note that this option may exist only for the first offense. Subsequent traffic tickets may not come with the option of taking points off your record.

Note also that whether you get the option of enrolling in traffic school to get a ticket dismissal depends on your driving history and unique circumstances. Bear in mind that even if the points are taken off your record, you may still be liable for any fines related to the ticket; however, attending traffic school can keep you from having to pay higher insurance rates.
The traffic court should provide you with information on the schools that you can attend as well as your deadline for completing a course.

Fighting the Traffic Ticket

In some states, the option of going to traffic school is not available. In which case, you will either appear before a judge and fight the ticket yourself or you can hire an experienced attorney to fight it for you. Your attorney will understand your state’s traffic laws and thus be better equipped to handle the case than you would be on your own.

The consequences of having your license suspended are serious and should not be taken lightly. An experienced traffic ticket attorney may be able to save you money and prevent the suspension of your license.