Getting a Denied Insurance Claim Paid

Posted on October 15th, 2014
Insurance companies are supposed to be in business to protect people. Examples of insurance companies are health insurance companies, auto insurance companies, and workers’ compensation insurance companies. All three of the aforementioned insurance companies are supposed to pay a policyholder when that person files a claim. Unfortunately, many of these companies come up with excuses as to why they should not pay claims. Workers’ compensation insurance companies may claim the worker is not injured or ill. An automobile insurance company may blame the policyholder for the accident. A health insurance company might claim that it did not receive supporting medical evidence to support the illness or injury. The following contains information on the steps a person can take during insurance disputes:
Refuse to Accept Low-Balling or Denials
Auto insurance companies have a habit of offering a victim an amount of money that is not enough to take care of his or her needs. A policyholder does not have to accept an initial offer from an insurance company, nor does that person have to accept no for an answer. The same rings true for personal injury victims and injured workers. Everyone has a right to contact an attorney and schedule a consultation.
Qualities of a Reputable Attorney
A reputable injury attorney, auto accident attorney, and workers’ compensation attorney will have the same honorable qualities. Such a person will have documented years of experience dealing with insurance companies. Therefore, he or she will know how to handle greed and resistance. A personal injury and worker’s compensation attorney will have a high level of compassion for his or her prospective clients. Another kind of lawyer, which is a disability lawyer, will have an internal database of strategies that he or she can use with the government to collect a client’s much deserved funds.
Contacting a Reputable Attorney
A person who seeks assistance from a personal injury attorney will most likely not have to stress about money. An initial consultation is free of charge, and it can put the viability of the case in perspective. A caring attorney will speak with the prospective client about the nature of the accident, the fault of the accident, and other factors that may play a role in the case. The victim should bring as much evidence as possible to the initial consultation so the lawyer can decide the strength of the plaintiff’s case. Examples of helpful documentation include police reports, pictures, videos, witness statements, medical bills, medical pictures and the like.
A caring attorney will fight by his or her client’s side to collect the monies that the insurance company refused. This person will present solid facts that can sway the judge to make a ruling in the injured person’s favor. Some people do not realize that personal injuries can occur in automobile accidents, work accidents and many other types of accidents. Therefore, scheduling an appointment with a reliable attorney is necessary to get a true grasp of the case. Injured parties can contact an attorney today by short form or telephone.