Colorado Springs DUI Resource Help

Colorado’s DUI laws are constantly changing and are in flux. Here are some online resources to help you keep up to date. It is advised that you talk to a lawyer about specifics for you case. This guide and resources are not to be taken as legal advice but merely a resource.

Colorado Revised Statutes – Lexis Nexis provides an online resource for the American Constitution, Colorado Constitution, and Colorado Revised Statutes. You can read in-depth in the vehicles and traffic section about the laws, regulation, and consequences involved with having an automobile in Colorado.

BAC Chart and BAC Calculator – These are two resources to help you determine how much is too much. These are all relative and can fluctuate depending on age, gender, ethnicity, overall health, drinking habits, and many other factors. A blood sample will determine the actual blood alcohol content in your system.

NO DUI Colorado – No DUI Colorado is a resource for information about Colorado drunk driving laws for minors. It also has a page of statistics of for DUIs per county.

Colorado – is Colorado’s Division of Motor Vehicle official website. It has information on titles, licenses, theft, and alcohol DUI. This site can help you understand current drunk driving laws in Colorado and treatment programs for alcoholism.