Employment Law

The United States and Colorado have specific laws and statutes that have been established to protect you, the employee, from discrimination, harassment, and violence in the workplace. Unfortunately, these laws are sometimes broken and you can be taken advantage of.  If this happens to you, the Colorado Springs lawyers at Torbet Tuft & McConkie, LLC. are here to help you. Whether you’ve been wrongfully terminated, are dealing with workplace harassment or a hostile workplace environment, have been subject to violence in the workplace, are owed overdue wages, have been discriminated against, or being retaliated against we can help.

Experienced in national and state labor laws we can create a solid case for you. At Torbet Tuft & McConkie, LLC. we understand the stress involved in work and work related issues. Our experienced lawyers can sit down with you and discuss the best course of action. Located in Colorado Springs and with over 70 years of experience, we can help.

Don’t be pushed around by a boss or coworker. You shouldn’t be afraid to go to work. Don’t let discrimination, harassment, or unlawful termination become a problem. Being unemployed is hard enough in this economy. Give us a call and set up your free consultation and get the help you need.