Product Liability

What is product liability?

Product liability is an area of law where anyone involved in process of the product manufacturing can be held responsible for damage that it may cause to someone. The people involved in this process include the manufacturer, the retail store, and anyone in between. The three major types of product liability claims can be broken into three categories.

Defectively manufactured products

This is probably the most common type of liability claim. These claims usually consist of a product defect because of a mistake in the manufacturing process. The overall design of the product is correct and most of the products on the shelf are safe, but at least one of the products is tainted/unsafe for public use that could cause harm or injury to someone using it.

Defectively designed products

These claims are because the inherent design of a product is dangerous and can cause harm to those using the product. This type of liability has no bearing on the manufacturing process, but is solely focused on the products design. A design defect example could be a charger that catches fire after being plugged in too long.

Failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions

This type of claim is because a product is not correctly or insufficiently labeled to prevent harm to the user. These can include not having a choking hazard warning on a product, electrocution warning, among other things.

What to do

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