Criminal Law

About Criminal Law
Criminal law is unique in that the case is brought by the State of Colorado, not the alleged victim like a civil lawsuit. Most of our criminal defense lawyers started their legal careers as prosecutors. Our law firm offers clients experienced representation with insight into the objectives, constraints, and strategies of the opposing side. By law, prosecutors are required to demonstrate guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt,” the highest standards of proof existing in our legal system. When we defend individuals accused of committing crimes, we consider it our duty to hold the prosecutors to this high standard, make sure no evidence is presented that should be excluded, and ensure our clients’ rights are respected.

Why Contact Torbet Tuft & McConkie?

  • Our criminal defense lawyers are skilled at all levels of advocacy.
  • We are strong advocates in negotiating plea bargains.
  • We are experienced litigators for cases that go to trial.
  • We can persuasively draft legal briefs to appeal wrongful convictions.

Aggressive Legal Representation by Torbet Tuft & McConkie
We understand the important implications criminal charges can have on your freedom, your employment, your reputation, and your family. We work hard to make sure our clients understand their options and legal rights, are kept apprised of updates to their case, and receive the excellent representation our clients expect and deserve. Each case has unique facts and presents unique legal challenges. In all types of cases and at all stages, from investigation and indictment, to trial, sentencing, appeals, and even post disposition, we defend our clients with strength, skill, and integrity.

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