Personal Injury

What is personal injury?
Personal Injury is a type of civil litigation where the plaintiff (the person seeking compensation) has been injured by the actions or negligence of the defendant. Some examples include injury or death caused by a drunk or distracted driver, a hospital who mixes up patient medications, a company who makes or sells dangerously defective products, and intentional injuries from criminal assault and battery.

At Torbet Tuft & McConkie, our Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers provide compassionate, competent representation to victims. Suffering an injury can be life altering, physically painful, and emotionally challenging. Our law firm is here to make sure your bills are taken care of. We are committed to ensuring that insurance companies pay as they should and that the person at fault for causing the injury is held responsible. While some injuries are tragically irreparable, our injury attorneys consider it their job to make sure you can recover to the fullest extent possible from all types of personal injury, including:

In addition to the types of injuries listed above, our personal injury attorneys handle other types of serious injuries. Call our law firm if you have been hurt by dog bites or other vicious animal injuries or criminal acts such as battery.

Infliction of emotional distress
In Colorado, infliction of emotional distress is only actionable if it involves intentional, outrageous conduct or if negligent conduct causes distress so severe that there are physical manifestations. If you have further questions about these types of claims, speak to a Colorado personal injury lawyer at Torbet Tuft & McConkie. They have the extensive legal knowledge you need to make a strong claim. Call now or fill out a free case evaluation!

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