Will & Estate Planning

Colorado Springs Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. It is wise for all individuals to have a plan so they can face life’s uncertainties with greater confidence.

At Torbet Tuft & McConkie, LLC, we are experienced in assisting with the following:

  • Asset protection
  • Avoiding probate through deed transfers
  • Beneficiary rights
  • Estate planning documents (Wills, Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives etc.)
  • Estate taxes
  • Guardianship
  • Probate & probate litigation
  • Trusts

Our Colorado Springs estate planning and probate lawyers have had many years of experience helping individuals and families plan for the future and manage a smooth transfer of assets to the next generation. Everyone’s circumstances and desires are unique, making it important to have a plan that is custom-tailored to your needs. By forming an estate plan, you can assess and inventory your property and organize your affairs so that administering your estate is as simple as possible for your loved ones when you pass on. A well-crafted estate plan will clearly express your specific wishes for your property, your children, end of life care, and burial.

Those who are young often postpone estate planning, assuming they have decades to address such issues. But having a will is especially important for parents with young children because it allows them to name guardians for minor children and make sure arrangements are made so the guardians or surviving spouse will have the financial support they need to raise the children if a parent or both parents were to die unexpectedly.

A good estate plan considers property distribution, management, and decision making not just after death, but also in the case of incapacity or disability. This allows you and your loved ones to be prepared to handle many eventualities, knowing that a plan is in place to care for family members and the legacy they wish to pass on. Get more information by calling our firm.