The Colorado Springs lawyers at Torbet Tuft & McConkie are committed to providing the best possible legal service for each one of our clients. Our legal team is dedicated to meeting with our clients personally and giving them the attention they deserve. Learn what our clients had to say about our firm by reading the following comments.

Trinity United Methodist Church

“Mr. Tuft and his firm represented our church in a law suit against an insurance company that had refused to pay for the damages caused by the poor workmanship and negligence of a Colorado Springs roofing company.

Mr. Tuft and his team represented TUMC in a trial by jury and the result was in the Church’s favor.

Details and the manner in which they represented the church’s claim was honest and done in a professional way.”


“The entire legal service experience was professional, friendly, and effective. I appreciate that Mr. McConkie was cost conscious and kept me grounded when I wanted to pursue higher legal actions.”

David R.

“David McConkie gave us excellent advice and service.”

Anita R.

“David explained everything that was going to happen during the bankruptcy proceedings and anytime I had a question, he was very prompt with either giving me a call or email!”

Richard A.

“I am a ‘Happy Camper’ and will let you know if I need you again.”

Rebecca A.

“I feel my case was handled very professionally and without judgement.”

Miguel P.

“From the beginning I felt in really good hands working with attorney David McConkie. He displayed a professional, genuine concern that put us at ease during our son’s case. If I had a friend who really needed legal help, I would not hesitate to recommend your firm and attorney McConkie because of the great service this firm provided. I am so grateful to attorney McConkie (for) helping my son during a very difficult time in his life. Attorney McConkie went the extra mile to mentor my son; helping him go on a better path in his life.”

Julie E.

“Without [Mr. Torbet’s] professionalism, kindness and generosity, my Mom likely would not have been able to retain what is rightfully hers, and for that we are eternally grateful. We greatly appreciate the flexibility and patience you have shown in the past year. I mostly wanted to write to express our appreciation for your kindness and generosity over the last year. People like you all give us a greater faith in mankind.”


David and I worked together on a case for the past 5 years. He worked tirelessly on the case, despite knowing if it would work out in the end. He gave up a lot of personal time just to see the case through. In the end, we were successful and the best outcome was reached. I never felt left in the dark and always felt if I needed something that I could call without hesitation. It is great to feel that I have an attorney who is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but cares about his clients and their well-being.


My husband and I hired Hans Tuft to represent us in a construction defect case involving a very large and extensive roof replacement. This was an extremely stressful, complicated and expensive situation that Hans Tuft successfully and expertly navigated us through. We were ultimately able to recoup the replacement cost of the roof which was several hundred thousand dollars!!

Through this personal experience I have come to appreciate how complicated construction defect is and how critical it is to secure the right attorney right away. Mr. Tuft helped us navigate the legal system. He helped us hire a quality engineer so that everything was documented correctly and would be admissible in court. Mr. Tuft also led us through the process of having the roof properly repaired and our attempt for pre-trial mediation.

Going to trial is a trying, exhausting process that requires a lot of preparation. Mr. Tuft did a great job of navigating us through all of this so that my husband and I properly understood the process. Mr. Tuft gave us the opportunity to provide input into the trial, and prepared us as necessary. Hans Tuft did a great job representing us in court in front of a jury and was able to secure a great settlement for us.

Ultimately, the jury awarded us what we were requesting for our settlement and my husband and I were finally able to put this behind us. I am very grateful to Hans Tuft for the job he did on our behalf. Mr. Tuft is knowledgeable about construction defect, is experienced in navigating through these kind of cases, is incredibly hard working at representing his clients, and is also very pleasant to work with. I am very grateful Hans Tuft represented us and I highly recommend to others who need legal representation.


Alyssa Miller did excellent work for me and my husband. We were involved in very lengthy litigation against a contractor who did faulty work on our home. Alyssa Miller prepared the witnesses for deposition, handled pre-trial preparation, and much of the behind the scenes work (motions, responses, stuff that I don’t quite understand since I’m not a lawyer!). Our case went to trial and Alyssa played a big role in representing us in court (she worked with co-council). Alyssa had a great grasp of all the legal issues, was poised, great at anticipating the defense’s position, flexible when necessary and all in all extremely effective at representing our case. She also did a great job of hearing our concerns and making us feel comfortable with the legal process as it unfolded.
Ultimately, we were able to secure a very favorable financial due to Alyssa’s strong legal representation. I HIGHLY recommend Alyssa Miller if you are looking for a good lawyer.


“David McConkie was professional, friendly, and seemed to care about my interests and was empathetic to my cause. He communicated the right amount with me and brought what I felt was the best possible outcome to my case.”


“I met Randy when I had to declare bankruptcy. I was very ashamed. He treated me with remarkable courtesy and never made me feel stupid. He also helped me and my family when we were making decisions on my mother’s future. He is a very wonderful attorney.”


“Hans was extraordinarily on top of my case, understood the legal aspects & my needs well.”


“My case was handled quickly and professionally. I am very pleased with these results. I am very likely to recommend them to a friend.”


“Mr. Torbet gave me good direction, was prompt and professional and handled my case as well as possible. I even sent a co-worker to Mr. Torbet and she was equally as satisfied.”


“David was the only attorney I spoke with who made me feel like he really wanted to help me and he did, for that I am grateful.”


“They have always given me good advice and prompt service. They were very understanding of all or any problems I faced. It is hard to find a lawyer you can feel full confidence and proficiency in. I feel all the staff have given me personal care.”


“I walked into the office with a list of questions. The attorneys were both professional and personable. I had all my questions answered and walked out feeling confident that they understood the law and that they understood my specific circumstances as well.I have interacted with several of the attorneys at Torbet Tuft & McConkie and would recommend any of them.”


“Hans Tuft represented my interests in a satisfactory fashion and was always able to answer my questions directly and honestly, providing guidance along the way.”


“[Torbet Tuft & McConkie] helped us with a financial matter and [were] very expert in getting us the results we wanted. We would recommend [them] to anyone.”


“Mr. McConkie was very informative and courteous to us. I felt like our situation was being handled to a point that I was not stressing over it any longer.”


“[Mr.] Rands is efficient and effective. He got the job done quickly and comes across with a great mix of compassion and strength.”


“David communicated well, very professional, eager to go after State Farm – was referred by CLC, would recommend to friends.”


Dear Torbet Tuft & McConkie Team, I wanted to thank you sincerely for your help in working through a very delicate situation and bringing it to the best resolution possible. Throughout a two to three-year period, you provided detailed counsel that was tailored to my situation. As we all acknowledged, my situation had aspects that were not very common. Even so, your advice and approach were spot on. It took a combination of applying general business knowledge, special knowledge about the applicable law and common sense to work through my situation. I appreciate your patience, depth of knowledge and willingness to work with me. The results speak for themselves and it removed this huge, dark cloud over my life. Thank you again for helping me through this situation.